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Choose from the following options:

-> 1 or 2-hour intensive boost (remote or on-site) 

-> Negotiation Primer (remote or on-site)

-> Negotiation Shadowing (on-site) 

-> Negotiation Sealer (remote or on-site) + personalised debriefing  

-> VIP package: Negotiation Primer, Shadowing and Sealer for individuals and companies 

-> 1-day boost program for companies (on-site) 

-> VIP individual boost program (remote or on-site) 

-> Booster Speeches for company events

-> Gift vouchers 


Choose from the following add-ons:

+ Negotiation Booster for Women Entrepreneurs: job and internship negotiations, salary negotiations, back-to-work booster, career advancement advice, personal branding design. 

Effective Business Communication: tools, techniques, most common mistakes and how to avoid them, persuasive presentations, sales pitches, building authority through communication (verbal and non-verbal).  

Perception Management: impression creation and management, persuasion techniques, setting up the meeting room and self-preparation for a desired outcome. 

+ Intercultural Translation: cultural differences and their impact on verbal and non-verbal communication, negotiations with partners from face, dignity and honour cultures, business etiquette, values and customs.          

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