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At Negotiation Booster, we understand that technical skills alone do not guarantee a successful negotiation. If you enter a negotiation with fear, self-doubt or lack of conviction, you will not win no matter how well tactically you have been trained.   

Negotiation Booster is a novel, synergy approach leveraging the task related aspects of a negotiation with the underlying emotional factors.  

We focus on equipping you with the self-management toolkit that will allow you to tame emotions, ego and stress in a negotiation. We help you develop strategies for thriving in your negotiations by means of personal empowerment.

We assist you before the negotiation (Primer), during the negotiation (side-by-side Shadowing) or after the negotiation (Sealer). We offer remote support  in the comfort of your environment or face-to-face assistance at your convenience.     

Set up your first consultation and unleash your inner bargaining power! 

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